Saturday, October 9, 2010

Men and Women Are Wired Differently for Sex

Countless professionals have revealed that men and women are wired differently, and that's why we respond differently to various situations; intimacy is not an exception.
Men have emotional needs just like women do; however, generally speaking, men get much of their emotional fulfillment during sex, whereas a woman needs to be emotionally fulfilled before she can long for sexual contact.
It's very possible for a woman to not feel a strong desire for sex unless and until her need for love is satisfied; in other words, she first needs to feel loved by her husband before she hands him the keys to her body.  To her, love is more important than sex; however when she feels loved, her sexual desire increases.  Once she feels emotionally satisfied, her husband can reinforce the connection by his loving and skillful touch, reassuring her that she is loved and important to him.
Of course these are generalizations and there are always exceptions to the rules.  It's possible for a woman not to feel the need for a strong emotional connection before she can desire intimacy with her husband.  Likewise, it is possible for a man to want to feel emotionally close to his wife before he approaches her sexually.
Great sex is important to both men and women, although the prerequisites for great sex vary greatly between men and women, and even among women and among men.  Everyone has his or her own customized sex-wiring, if you will, and neither is wrong or more right than the other.
In order for marital harmony to exist and prevail, both spouses must be willing to learn each other and to do their best to meet their spouse's emotional and sexual needs.
Without proper understanding of the differences in the needs of our spouse we would not be able to make the changes necessary to adjust to our spouse, and sex could then become very routine and mechanical a few years, or even months, after marriage.

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  1. I'm glad to see a post like this. Often, the Muslims shy away from this topic. I hope this blog will become a valuable resource.


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