Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Importance of Learning Relationship Skills

In our newsletter we discussed the reason that many couples fail to achieve the quality of life they hoped for when they decided to marry.  We stated that the main reason for this was that sharing two lives intimately and in harmony requires skill, knowledge and inner strengths that most of us haven't developed by the time we're ready to get married.  

We also stated that these skills, knowledge and inner strength cannot really be attained before we enter into a relationship; but because every body is different and unique, the best and only time to really learn the relationship lessons is while you are in a relationship. 

We affirmed that you cannot and will not ever know everything there is to know about marriage and relationships.  Relationship skills take time, effort, discipline, commitment and work to cultivate and refine, therefore, it's an ongoing process.

We discussed how to handle disagreements and what to do when arguments break between spouses.  We encouraged you to wake up from your dozing-off state and to dedicate time and effort to improving your relationship skills, particularly as they concern your spouse, on a daily basis.

Share with us!
What are some of the struggles you've faced in your marriage?  What were some assumptions you had when you first got married, but changed overtime during your married years?  What would you say is the most important relationship skill you have learned since you've been married?

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