Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Issue of Lost Spontaneity - Part II

Continuing with the issue of lost spontaneity in the marriage, we discussed in our newsletter the dangers of ignoring this prominent threat.  We also provided a few ideas to get you started reclaiming spontaneity in your marriage.

We suggested things such as:

  • Exploring a different location together
  • Taking a class together
  • Setting up datenights
  • And others...

We stated that acknowledging that there’s a lack of excitement or spontaneity in your marriage is the first step towards reversing its effect and restoring that excitement.  We mentioned that it may take a little work and practice, but having a happy marriage does not come about easily simply because spouses love each other.  

While love is definitely important in the marriage, it just isn’t enough in and of itself to keep the marriage afloat.  Action is always and constantly required.

You must actively be participating in keeping the marriage alive and exciting.  Maintain communication between you and your spouse open at all times; keep an open mind, and exercise careful consideration of each others feelings. 

We encouraged you to let your imagination and your creativity soar, and to come up with your own ideas to bring spontaneity back into your life.

So how did you do?  Did you put in practice any of the advice we gave you?  Did you come up with your own ideas for bringing spontaneity back in your life?  Share them with us and our community!  Others may benefit from your input and insha-Allah you will be rewarded for it.

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